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Variety of grippers units that are designed for various and special applications


Some of our Numatics grippers are:

  • GR Series: The GR Series has a double acting piston attached to a cross bar by a connecting rod. The linear movement of the piston is transformed into angular movement of the jaws through a double toggle link mechanism.

  • AG series: The AG series angular gripper utilizes a double acting piston with a dual pivot system. The piston has a single center pivot that drives each gripper jaw open and closed.

  • MPG5 Series: The MPG5 Series gripper is designed for pick & place of small pieces. The cutting edge design of the MPG5 allow for manifold mounting a series of MPG5’s in line without the concerns of space for fittings.

  • NRG Series: The NRG series gripper offers both synchronized and compliant (non-synchronized) movement. Synchronized Motion: Two opposing pistons share a common bore.

  • PG series: The PG series is low profile with true parallel motion that is generated by a pinion mechanism powered by a double acting piston. Body: Hardcoat Anodized, PTFE impregnated inside & out.

  • TJ Series: The TJ Series Grippers provide high grip force in a compact design. Shielded design make the TJ series ideal for machine loading and unloading.

  • PG6J80 Series: The PG6J80 series 6 finger gripper design utilizes a dual acting piston to open and close gripper jaws. All six jaws are synchronized for accurate positioning.

  • WBG Series: The WBG series utilizes independent pistons to power the jaws open and closed. Jaws utilize a rack & pinion for synchronization which are in`dependent from force rods and support rods.

  • WG Series: The WG series, (double guided wedge parallel grippers), achieves synchronous motion with a double acting piston attached via the piston shaft to a double sided wedge.

  • RPG series: The RPG series has true parallel motion that is generated by a double acting piston attached to the pinion mechanism with a linkage that is guided in the body for precise centering.

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