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Slide & Gantry


Guided cylinders can be used when high forces are required and space is limited


Some of our Numatics slide & gantry products are:

  • LCX Series Slide: The LCX Series linear slide combines cost-effectiveness with proven dependability.

  • PST Series Slide Table: 'PST' - Precision Slide Series. The PST slide provides smooth precise linear motion with high accuracy at twice the thrust of a single bore cylinder.

  • PBS Series Power Block Slide: The PBS series is designed for applications where space is at a minimum. It has an internally built-in air cylinder in the carriage assembly, reducing overall length.

  • SH Series Slide: The "SH" series guided linear motion device capable of heavy loads and moderately long strokes. Body: Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum (6061-T6511) Air Cylinder: Stainless Steel Body & Rod (corrosion resistant).

  • LC Series Light Duty Slide: Light Duty Slide - The "LC" series provides guided linear motion at a lower cost. External cylinder is mounted rigidly to the cross body which drives the tool plate.

  • B Series Compact Slide: The "B" series design is compact and self-contained. Cylinder pistons are attached directly to each guide rod, conserving size without sacrificing output force.

  • SPS Series Small Power Slide: The SPS series small size makes it the ideal slide for getting into those tight spaces.

  • CGT Series Compact Guide Slide: The CGT series Compact Guide Slide is ideal where high load and force are required and minimum space is available. The piston and rod assembly being machined directly into the extruded body achieves space savings.

  • GS Series Gantry Slide: The GS series Gantry Slide is designed to handle heavier loads and travel greater distances. The design centers around a moving carriage between two fixed tool bars.

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